Your Ultimate Student Guide to Class Ring Stones

Class Ring Stones

Your Ultimate Student Guide to Class Ring Stones

Every student needs a crash course in buying class ring stones! Find out how to choose the right stone for your class ring here!

When you look down at your new class ring, what color do you want to see?

The gemstone you select can represent a range of special memories, from your birthstone to your school mascot. As you design the perfect ring, this is one important decision to keep in mind. 

Will you go sentimental, practical or a little of both? Today, we're exploring the different class ring stones dominating the space today, along with a guide to help you choose the perfect one.

Choosing Class Ring Stones

There isn't a one-size-fits-all stone that goes in every class ring. Rather, one of the convenient features of our design program is the ability to select the exact type of gem that means the most to you.

Why does this decision matter? The stone you select will play a major role in your ring's appearance. While the cut and color showcase your personal style, it's the gemstone itself that stands out the most.

Steeped in Tradition: Following Your Birthstone

For many students, choosing stones for their class rings is a simple feat. They go with their birthstone, of course! Your birthstone is a unique gem associated with the month in which you were born.

If you aren't sure what yours is, you can easily find it using this handy chart.

While the most common method is to find your birthstone by month, did you also know you can find individual stones that represent the week or even the day of your birth? You can even find ones that correlate with your astrological sign! The chart above breaks down all of these categories, so you can explore the full breadth of options. 

Feel free to explore these options to find the stone that delivers the most personal meaning to your life. For instance, while the traditional April birthstone is a diamond, you may select a ruby if you were born on a Tuesday! Find the birthstone that you love, and you'll admire and appreciate your ring for years to come.

Bringing in Nature: Choosing a Natural Stone

While birthstones are a common choice, you can also choose to go a different route when designing your custom class ring. Why not let nature direct your path? After all, some of the richest and most unique stones were created not by man, but by the Earth.

Our natural stones are as striking as they are one-of-a-kind. Will you choose the moody ebony hues of hematite, or go for a Southwestern touch with a turquoise stone? The International Gem Society has created a comprehensive encyclopedia of precious and semi-precious gemstones to explore. 

Our collection of natural stones is eye-catching and bold, helping you feel more rooted and connected to the world around you. 

The Appeal of Diamond Accents

Want to help your center stone stand out? Highlighting it with smaller accent stones is a beautiful way to draw attention to the design. Diamonds are a great choice for this feature, as their brilliant white hue makes adjacent colors pop. 

In addition to accent stones, you can also design your ring with crest stones and ring-top stones according to your personal tastes. For instance, you can choose a ring top that features your school mascot, encircled by a band of diamonds for the perfect touch of bling. You can also add a horizontal band of diamonds across any gemstone you choose, or cushion your center gem with a diamond border.

This is an affordable way to help your class ring sparkle, so let your imagination guide you!

Understanding Stone Cuts

Choosing your favorite stone is the first step. From there, you'll need to decide which cut you prefer. When making this decision, consider how much you want your stone to sparkle. 

As you design your ring, you'll find that there are a few different faceted stone cuts to choose from. Varying the size and number of facets carved into the gem's surface will affect its overall brilliance and shine. For instance, a sunburst cut will highlight different aspects of your stone than a smooth or premier cut.

While some people may prefer maximum sheen, others may go a more understated route. In either case, our design tool can help you visualize these differences on your personalized ring before you purchase. This way, you can get a clear view of how the final product will appear.

Setting Your Stone: Why Metals Matter

As you shop for class rings, pay close attention to the type of metal used. While some big brands will attach fanciful names to their selections, few can match the durability and timeless beauty of our sterling silver bands. Rather, these inferior alternatives are often made of brass and can break down or even change color over the years, leaving you with an entirely different look than when you started. 

In addition to classic silver, we also offer the option to plate your band in gold or rose gold depending on your individual style. Our bands are designed to last a lifetime and are available in both men's and women's styles. These offer the perfect foundation for your class ring stone, cradling it in classic beauty that you'll admire forever. 

Explore Our Collection of Class Ring Stones

Browsing class ring stones is arguably the most fun part of designing your custom ring! You may choose to go for a sentimental touch, selecting your special birthstone. Or, you might prefer to stand out with a natural stone that represents the elements and colors that speak to you the most.

Will you accent your center stone with diamonds or let it shine on its own? Which cut will help it stand out and catch the light? Will you add your name, graduation year, or extracurriculars to the sides of the ring?

As you make these important decisions, we're here to help every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to our design team with any questions and let's create an heirloom together!