Where to Buy Class Rings: A Complete Class Ring Buying Guide

High school class rings are like a rite of passage, and one that has re-emerged in popularity. If you are a rising junior and want to purchase a ring that is stylish and filled with school spirit, there are some retailers that will be glad to assist you. 

But what should you know about purchasing these rings? How can you find the right professional to design and create it? We've got you covered. 

When you're trying to figure out where to buy class rings, read below to find out more about this and a variety of other points. 

Do Your Research and Learn Where to Buy Class Rings

When you want to buy a great ring, it all starts with research. This lets you know which companies are trustworthy and how to design the perfect ring. 

Here are a few things you should know about buying a class ring from a qualified pro:

1. Find an Online Retailer That Has What You Need

A lot of jewelers design rings, but you need to focus on quality and craftsmanship. Companies like ClassRings.org are excellent at designing the perfect ring for you, and they also have several options that you can choose between. 

They're noteworthy for using better materials than even the big ring companies, such as Josten's and Balfour. You can browse their catalog online to know more about what they offer and how you can get the most bang for your buck. 

2. Figure Out What Kind of Design and Additions Work for You

When you're looking into the work that ClassRings.org provides, you'll start to see what kind of design options you have in front of you. 

You may want to include your birthstone, your favorite color, or the colors of your school. This is perfect for the centerpiece of the ring. These stones are eye-catching and will make you want to wear your brand new class ring with pride. 

You can also design the ring to include things like your jersey number if you played sports, and a musical note if you participated in band, chorus, or orchestra. There are several design additions that you can include to set your ring apart from others and to make it completely unique to you. 

3. Research the Materials That They Use for the Rings

Another reason that you should shop with high-quality companies is that they use only the best materials. When you are thinking about purchasing a class ring, you have several metal options in front of you.

Think about purchasing a class ring that is made with different gold and rose gold plating, or with solid sterling silver. Because these metals are of the highest quality, they not only look great, but they will also hold up better over time and maintain their luster. Choose a company that uses excellent precious metals, rather than cheap materials that are more likely to tarnish, rust, or irritate your skin. 

4. Get Fitted for Your Class Ring

In order to get the perfect fit for your class ring, make sure that you get measured as early as possible. When companies do in-house sizing at high schools, they typically come in the fall so that the rings will be ready in the spring.

Being fitted early is important since many schools hold a ring dance for juniors in the spring semester, which serves as a tradition where they get their class ring. This dance also happens in the place of the Junior Prom. Ring companies will often advise you to get a ring a little bit bigger than your regular size since you are more likely to grow into it. 

It's also easier to adjust a ring that is too big, rather than one that is too small. 

5. Find a Price Range That Works for You and Look for Promotions

It's important that you also take the time to find a price range for whatever class ring you'd like to get. It'll cost you approximately $250 to get a quality class ring made with sterling silver or gold or rose gold plating. 

You can shop around with some different ring companies to make certain that you're getting the best deal. You may also want to look into promotions that they might have so that the purchase is even friendlier to your wallet. 

6. Order Your Ring as Early as You Can

The earlier you get your ring back, the better. You can get it adjusted from the company free of charge if it doesn't fit the way that you'd like it to. The last thing you'd want is to be pressed for time when your ring dance is right around the corner. 

Check into the company's express shipping options if you happen to lose track of time. 

7. Customize it in a Way That Shows Off Your Accomplishments

High school is the time that you're racking up accomplishments that can carry you into the next stages of your adult life. Whether you're 1st chair in the band, captain of the football team, a National Honor Society scholar, or the lead in the big play, make sure that you commemorate these accomplishments on your ring. 

This will immortalize your high school career in a way that you will be proud to wear on your finger. 

Purchase the Perfect High School Class Ring

The tips above will teach you where to buy class rings and how to find the right one for your needs. You'll be able to get an amazing piece of jewelry that commemorates this special time in your life when you order it from the best company around. 

We would be happy to sell you what you're looking for. Take the time to contact us when you are ready to order the perfect class ring.