Unique Class Rings for Graduation: Styles That Stand Out in 2021

If you are getting ready to end your high school days and want to cap it off the right way, make sure that you look into purchasing your class ring. These rings will be worn with pride from mid-way through your junior year, all the way through graduation day, and beyond. 

However, before you decide to buy a ring, you should do your best to explore the variety of styles available, in addition to what it means to own a class ring. 

Below you can learn more about some of the most unique class rings so that you are more prepared to make a purchase. 

Get to Know the Styles for Unique Class Rings

We've evolved far beyond the one style fits all approach to class rings. You have so many style options and plenty of jewelry companies that are more than happy to design whatever ring you'd like. 

When searching for class rings, start with these examples when you'd like to know the styles available:

1. A Girl's Fashion-Style Class Ring

Female students have no need to feel left out because there are some phenomenal girl's ring options to choose from. Many female students are beginning to opt for one of the fashion-style rings that are accented with cubic zirconia and feature princess cuts, flower arrangements, stylish bands, and so many different variations. 

The expressive student will appreciate one of these unique rings and will enjoy having one that doesn't look like whatever everyone else is wearing. 

2. The Varsity Championship Ring

You can also buy styles that look just like championship rings or varsity-style rings. These rings are a great option for someone who spent their high school years giving their blood, sweat, and tears on the field or court. 

These rings are often bigger and stockier and feature bold arrangements that are prize-like in their style. It can be purchased in the style of varsity jackets, banners, and apparel. These varsity-styled rings are filled with school spirit and can feature symbols that are specific to the sport that you played. 

You will carry a higher measure of pride wearing these rings on game days as you play out the rest of your varsity career. 

3. Monogram Style Class Rings

Monogram style class rings are minimalist and bold. They thrive in their simplicity, and these rings serve as a break from the norm, while still having a universal style. 

You can pick any letter that you would like to serve as the monogram centerpiece. Many people get the first letter of their high school name. They would order a "D" for "Denbigh High School," for instance. Others might want to use their first or last initial to serve as the centerpiece. 

No matter what you choose, make sure that it means something to you, and that you get great color and design to match. 

4. Traditional Style Rings for Boys and Girls

Purchasing the traditional style class ring is still a great choice. These rings come in variations for both boy and girl students, and allow you the customization option of choosing the gemstone, messages engraved on the ring, and other options. 

You can pick any sort of emblems to go with it and can purchase the ring to fit you however you'd like. 

5. School Spirit-Centered Rings

Finally, there are plenty of options that focus on the school spirit of your alma mater. They give you the chance to use the high school name or mascot as the centerpiece. 

You may even be able to customize it with the school motor, your graduation class year, and other things that make it all yours. 

Why Class Rings Are a Great Investment

So now that you see you have style options, you should make sure that purchasing a class ring is for you. No matter how you slice it, these rings are an excellent investment. 

For one, they are made with great materials. Class Rings Museum fabricates rings with solid sterling silver, and has gold and rose gold plating options. You get the best materials at the best prices, while other bigger jewelry companies charge more for their rings while using cheaper materials. 

The high school days are a time that you only go through once, so it's important to take time out to recognize it with a ring. 

 Pretty soon, you might have your heart set on joining a college fraternity or sorority, and then that will take up a special place. In just a few years after that, you'll be graduating and may think of purchasing a college ring or starting a new journey applying to grad schools. 

Because life keeps evolving, buying a class ring will hold plenty of weight in commemorating this special time. The ring will hold cherished memories and sentimental value when it is all said and done, which makes purchasing this ring something that you won't regret. 

Purchase a Ring That You Will Appreciate

Buying unique class rings is more than possible when you consider the information above. You can get to know the most interesting and popular ring styles, while also understand more about owning a class ring. 

When you're ready to shop, make Class Rings Museum your one-stop-shop. We can help you purchase high school rings and college graduation rings of any style that you would like. Our company has the best prices and service and can assist you today. 

Reach out to us by using our website so we can discuss all of your ring needs.