The Next Generation: The Best Class Ring Designs for 2021

You’ve studied, you’ve completed assignments, you’ve written essays, and you’ve taken tests. At last, graduation is approaching, and you’re about to step into a new chapter of your life.

It’s only fitting that you have something to commemorate the incredible things you’ve achieved in the last four years.

Class rings are a personal memento that you can wear with pride for the rest of your life. Read on to learn more about these rings and to discover the best class ring designs you can get in 2021. 

What Are Class Rings?

Before we dive into different class ring styles for 2021, let’s talk some about what class rings are. These rings are usually worn by high school or college graduates towards the end of and after their time at school.

The rings represent their accomplishments, as well as pride in their alma mater.

The tradition of class rings started in 1835 when graduating cadets at West Point were given rings upon their graduation. A class ring may contain your school’s seal, colors, and/or motto, as well as personalized touches, such as your name or graduating year.

Most of these rings are custom-designed to match your personality and accomplishments, as well as the character of your school.

Why Should You Get One?

There are a number of fantastic reasons you should get a class ring when you graduate from high school and/or college. First of all, it reminds you and others of what you’ve accomplished. Earning a degree takes a lot of hard work, and your class ring is a tangible reminder every day of the amazing things you’ve overcome to chase success in your life. 

A class ring can also be a great way to connect with other alumni. If you’re out and about or in a business meeting and you see a familiar-looking class ring, you’ll have an instant point of connection with this person who shares your alma mater.

And even if you didn’t go to the same school as someone, a class ring can be a great conversation starter, whether you’re asking about someone else’s or they’re asking about yours.


When it comes to class ring designs, as with a variety of other things in life, it’s hard to beat the classics. Traditional class ring designs often have a large gemstone with the name of your school engraved around it.

The sides will typically have deep engravings with your graduating year, your name, and symbols that represent your time and activities in school.

Classic rings offer a bold statement of personality and achievements. Your class ring will be uniquely yours; in addition to your name and chosen symbols, you may choose which sort of gemstone you want. This could be your birthstone, a stone in your school’s colors, or another stone that’s meaningful to you.


As the name suggests, minimalist rings aren’t quite as bold and ornate as classic ring designs. These rings may forego a central gem entirely in favor of a signet face, a design which was used to seal letters back in the days of parchment and wax seals.

They may also stick to a plain band design with letters or symbols cut out of the metal.

Minimalist rings are a great option for someone who wants to represent their school and their accomplishments without flashing too much bling around. These designs are simple and timeless, though you may ornament them with small gems around the top and bottom of the band.

And you can still include your name, your graduating year, and even a few personalized symbols, depending on the design you choose.


If classic rings are too elaborate for you, but minimalist rings are too plain, modern ring styles may be a great choice. These rings can use either a signet or a gemstone as their central feature, or they may opt for a curved engraving in place of a gem. The sides tend to be a little more polished, with engravings being a little narrower and less dramatic. 

Modern rings can give you the best of both worlds when it comes to class ring styles. You can get the timeless history of the classic class ring design without the visual business. And you can get the sleek look of the minimalistic styles without sacrificing some flair.


If you want a class ring that really makes a statement, fashion class rings are the right option for you. With modern manufacturing techniques, class rings can incorporate a huge variety of gem cuts, colors, and engravings. Your class ring can be more than a memory of your time in school – it can be a part of your daily fashion statement.

Fashion rings may incorporate unusual gem cuts and colors, such as pink hearts or orange stars. They may also include more gemstones around the central gem or have engraved messages laid a metal band over the top of the gem.

You may even be able to get images or patterns engraved within larger gemstones that more closely resemble championship rings than traditional class rings. 


For those of us who think that sometimes, the old ways are best, vintage rings can be a fantastic choice. The designs are older, with each line hearkening back to an era of hard work and craftsmanship. Stones may be narrower, fonts may be more stately, and your ring will feel like something you pulled out of an antique store. 

Often, vintage rings will have some sort of coat of arms set on top of your gem, or even on top of a solid-colored enamel face. These rings tend to be a little more oblong, though they still make a statement on your finger. You also tend to see more rectangle shapes with vintage rings. 

Find the Best Class Ring Designs

Your class ring is an important representation of your time at school, and it should reflect that time well. From classic and vintage designs to modern, minimalist, and fashion options, which class ring designs you choose will depend on your personality, style, and accomplishments. 

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