Team Bling: Why are Class Rings are Hot Right Now in Fashion?

Getting a class ring when you're in high school used to be par for the course. However, the tradition has fallen by the wayside more recently. 

They're making a comeback, which is great because buying a class ring comes with so many benefits. Consider the following information about class rings so you can make a purchase you'll love. 

Class Rings Are Great for School Spirit

When you're thinking about purchasing a class ring, you're getting a valuable piece of school spirit. Having students go through this rite of passage together creates a bonding experience that will carry over. 

They'll proudly wear these rings at football games, homecoming ceremonies, pep rallies, and other events. When students have school spirit, they are more likely to be engaged whenever they show up at school, which can carry over into academic performance. 

These are the years that will be remembered for decades, and something seemingly small like purchasing a class ring will be a big milestone. 

They Are a Time-Honored Rite of Passage

When students purchase their class rings, they are also participating in a rite of passage that has been around for more than a century. 

The tradition of the class ring started with ROTC cadets in 1911 who designed their own. Since then, they have celebrated the Junior ring dance, which makes the transition from junior to senior year. 

Keepsakes mean more when there is a tradition attached to them. Just like on the surface, an engagement or wedding ring is just a piece of jewelry. But when you consider what it symbolizes, it is easy to see why people cherish those rings so deeply.

For a young adult, the class ring is often the first piece of jewelry that holds any kind of symbolism, making it one that they too will cherish.

The Pandemic Makes Kids Appreciate Their School Years More

So many students in all grades and education levels had to have virtual graduations due to the pandemic. While everyone made the best of the situation, it has also made people appreciate the little things again. Kids who spent their underclass years watching seniors miss out on things like prom and graduation will be more likely to go all-in on these sorts of rites of passage when their time comes.  

The fact that younger generations might not take their school years for granted makes a class ring an excellent purchase to consider. There are several kids all across the country who didn't see their classmates in person for an entire year.

What better way to come back to school and start your junior year with the order of a class ring?

You Can Customize the Ring However You'd Like

Class rings are so exciting because you can customize them however you'd like. Many schools allow you to put the school mascot, or name of the school on the Ring to commemorate school spirit. You can also choose stones of various colors. Some people choose their birthstone while others choose their favorite color.

There are several other symbols you can include to express yourself and what you enjoyed most about school. Whether that's a school subject or a club that you belonged to, you can set it in stone by including it in the ring. Many ring makers also allow people to include their signature on the inside of the ring to personalize it further.

They Can Celebrate Your Achievements

When you spend four years in high school, it makes sense to time-stamp achievements that you had. Perhaps you played football, basketball, baseball, or another sport. You can include these pendants in your ring along with your jersey number so that you will always remember these days.

You might have been part of the debate club, National Honor Society, or had other achievements that you are proud of. Commemorating it with this piece of jewelry is something you will appreciate for years to come.

Your Class Ring Will Be a Lifelong Keepsake

Because of the sentimental quality your ring holds, it comes with a value that you just can't put a price tag on. You will set it aside for safekeeping and will likely want to pass it on to your kids and grandkids someday. 

Before you know it, this is a family heirloom that people in your family will appreciate for generations. No matter what you paid for the ring, the return on investment that you get is incalculable. You will be glad that you purchased it when you pull it out decades from now and reminisce on some of the most wonderful years of your life. 

The Rings Are Made With Quality Materials

Keep in mind that you're also purchasing a high-quality piece of jewelry when you buy class rings. These rings are made solidly and with craftsmanship, often from sterling silver, gold, or rose gold. 

Because they are made with such quality and sophistication, the rings also hold significant value. They cost about $249 to $350 but will bring you back so much value in return. You'll be proud to wear it on your finger when you know that it's made by jewelers that are great at what they do. These class rings are built to last for several years and will retain their luster and appeal.

What's more, they are crafted to fit your finger personally, so they will always feel like all your own. 

Shop for a Class Ring That You Can Fall in Love With

When you're shopping for class rings, it's important that you use the information above. These rings are a great idea for anyone wanting to mark this special time in life. 

We would be happy to sell you whatever kind of class ring you'd like. Check out our selections and contact us if you need more help.