School Pride: The Classiest Graduation Rings for Him

When you're in high school, there are so many rites of passage. There's the first day of school when you get to finally call yourself a high schooler. This is the last stage of grade school and the last rite of passage before adulthood. 

High school is also filled with trying out for the team, going to prom, homecoming games, and so much more. But the graduation ring is a rite of passage that is one of the most sacred. 

You buy this ring in your junior year, so you can wear it all through your senior year prior to graduation. If you're thinking about purchasing one of these rings, there are several designs for high school boys that you should shop around for. 

So what should you know about purchasing your ring? We've got you covered. Here's what you should consider when you're shopping around for graduation rings for him. 

What Should You Think About When Buying Graduation Rings for Him?

The class ring has been a school tradition since 1911. What started with Virginia Tech cadets has lived on as a tradition that so many students have taken part in. 

If you're a guy or shopping for your son, you likely want to find rings that are bold and masculine. These rings will let you express yourself while participating in a time-honored tradition that expresses your high school spirit to the fullest. 

The great part about purchasing a class ring is that you've got options. Here are a few that you should kick around:

1. Take the Tried and True Classic Approach to the Ring

You can always go with the classic, traditional high school ring. This ring is round and durable, with a colorful stone in the middle. The stone is cut in a unique shape with several dimensions that add to the reflection when the light hits it. 

You will usually have the school name around the border, and the ability to customize it with emblems and additions on the side. These could be things like your jersey number, or an homage to a club or activity that you participated in. While the rings have evolved well beyond these styles, you can never go wrong taking the classic approach. 

2. Consider a Sports Themed Ring if You're a Varsity Player

You learn so many lessons when you play varsity sports in high school. Once it's time to wrap up your high school career, you're probably going to think back on the nerves you felt the night before tryouts, and the pride you felt when you found out that you made the team. 

There are so many days of hard practices you didn't know you'd make it through, and big moments where you came together as a team to win, or hard losses that you had to learn from. Either way, all of these memories can be encapsulated in the varsity style graduation ring. 

They are crafted in a sports style, many of which can be made to look similar to championship rings. It exemplifies school pride, along with a love for sports in general. 

3. Try Out an Art Deco Style High School Ring

Today, many guys appreciate the art deco style ring. These rings feature a rectangular prism-style shape, along with your graduation year boldly etched beside the centerpiece. 

Like the traditional ring, they also come in a number of color options and may feature cubic zirconia accents. When you want to show off a bit of fashion flair, while still keeping it bold and classic, this is an excellent way to go. 

4. Include Your School's Crest or Mascot

There are also some high school rings that feature the high school crest or mascot as the centerpiece. Several high schools across the country have been around for several decades. In fact, several students today attend the same school that their parents or even grandparents went to. 

If there is a deep tradition at your high school, you might be keen on including the mascot or crest in the middle so that the ring is immediately filled with both history and school spirit. 

5. Go With the All-American Monogram 

Finally, a monogram ring is minimalist in its approach and beautiful in its design. It includes a bold single letter as the centerpiece, which could stand for your school's first initial, similar to a varsity jacket. 

You may also want to include your first initial to make it even more personal to you. 

What Makes These Rings Such a Special Addition to Your Life?

No matter what, remember that high school is a time in your life that you only go through once. For all of its ups and downs, you will likely look back on it with the fondest of memories. 

When you purchase a graduation ring, it gives you a keepsake that you can hold onto for as long as you live. Because of this, it's only right that you find a ring that suits your style and sensibilities. 

 Get a High School Class Ring to Call Your Own

These tips explain why you should look into buying a class ring. There are several graduation rings for him, so you should never feel limited when it comes to options. 

Class Rings Museum has you covered no matter what you want to shop for. Take the time to get in touch with us so that you can get the most out of your class ring purchase.