Precious Metals: What are College Graduation Rings Made Out Of?

College Graduation Rings
Precious Metals: What are College Graduation Rings Made Out Of?
Explore the differences between your average wedding rings and college graduation rings in this guide that looks at the materials used for official class rings.


For many people, graduating from college is one of their greatest accomplishments -- and one that should be celebrated.

From marriage to Super Bowl victories, monumental moments are often memorialized with a beautiful ring. So, why should your educational accomplishments be any different?

College graduation rings are the perfect way to symbolize your recent achievement. 

You know that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but what are most graduation rings made of? 

In this guide, we'll cover the different materials and designs that make college graduation rings a keepsake worth investing in.

Most College Graduation Rings Are Subpar 

Unlike wedding rings, many college graduation rings are made of subpar, inexpensive materials like brass, stainless steel, and alloy. While they're attractive at first glance, these materials don't last and eventually wear and tarnish over time.

If you don't know what to look for in a high-quality graduation ring, you'll end up paying more for less.

Big-name brands like Jostens, Balfour, and Herff Jones, charge over $350 for brass rings with a fancy name. Silver options can cost as much as $550 or more!

College Rings Museum offers gorgeous, sterling silver rings that withstand the test of time. You can also plate your graduation ring in gold or rose gold to add an elegant touch. 

All of our rings are priced below $300, making them an affordable and gorgeous investment. 

Why Choose Sterling Silver College Graduation Rings

Sterling silver is one of the most durable and attractive metals used to make jewelry. In fact, sterling silver is stronger than gold!

If you plan to wear and keep your graduation ring for many years to come, you want to invest in a quality, durable material. Sterling silver is also surprisingly light, making it the ideal choice for everyday wear.

Brass, on the other hand, wears over time and can leave an unpleasant and unattractive green mark on your skin. Brass also tarnishes easily.

Preserve your college memories by choosing quality materials for your graduation ring.

Choose a Style

The style of ring you choose might also determine the material. The two main styles for college graduation rings are traditional and fashion.

Fashion graduation rings for her look more like engagement rings. They're simple and elegant. Most fashion rings feature a stone, the school name, and sleek, thin lines. 

Sterling silver fashion rings can easily be plated in gold or rose gold as a beautiful accent to whatever stone you choose. 

For those students who want a more traditional look, college rings with a signet style top and emblems along the side are a popular choice.

When choosing graduation rings, your personal style is most important. After all, this ring represents an important time in your life.

Select a material, design, and engraving that memorializes this special occasion. From extravagant and outlandish designs to more subdued styles, you can find a college ring that perfectly fits your personality and budget.

Add a Personal Touch

We pride ourselves in providing high-quality, attractive graduation rings that memorialize your most recent accomplishment. College Rings Museum's rings are made of high-quality sterling silver with the option for upgrades. 

You can also personalize your college ring in a variety of ways.

Special Names and Dates

Many college graduation rings, regardless of the style, include engravings of some type. The most popular choices are the school name, student name, and graduation year. 

These engravings ensure you never forget the time and place that you graduated. If your first or last name is too long, opt for initials that fit perfectly on more delicate rings.

Hobbies and Sports

Sports are an important part of many students' college careers. Your college graduation ring can resemble your athletic accomplishments as well.

Add your position, team number, or the picture or name of the team mascot to the side of your ring. 

Zodiac signs and other meaningful symbols are also popular choices when personalizing your college ring. Just remember, the more symbols and words you want to be engraved on your college ring, the bigger it'll likely be.


Gemstones are a gorgeous addition to any college graduation ring -- both traditional and fashion styles. 

Many people choose their birthstones while others opt for their college's team colors. You can choose from a variety of colors and shapes to fit both your personality and style. 

Choose a gemstone that compliments the material of the ring. Sterling silver goes well with almost any gemstone but is especially attractive with blues and pinks.

Darker shades of blue and purple, as well as diamonds, all go well with gold-plated rings. Rose gold matches beautifully with red and other rose-colored gemstones. 

Round or oval-shaped stones are a popular choice for traditional college graduation rings, while pear-shaped gemstones look best in fashion rings.

How to Care for Your College Graduation Ring

You've invested time, money, and attention to detail in choosing your college graduation ring. Now, you have to properly care for it.

Cleaning your sterling silver college ring guarantees that it remains as gorgeous as it did on day one. Proper cleaning and care ensure that the gemstone, engraving, and all other personal touches are clearly visible in the future.

Preserve its luster and beauty by cleaning the ring with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse it clean and dry it with a soft rag or cloth.

Avoid using a brush or rough cloth that can damage the surface and engravings or scratch the gemstone. 

Memorialize Your Accomplishments with a Gorgeous College Ring

Congratulations! You've recently graduated from college and are getting ready to start the next chapter of your life.

With your college years behind you, investing in a personalized college graduation ring is the perfect way to memorialize this moment.

Class Rings Museum offers high-quality college rings at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. Not only are our college rings made of durable sterling silver, but we offer a variety of personalized and gold-plated options.

Contact us today so we can start designing your one-of-a-kind college graduation ring.