Elegant and Bold: The Best Men's High School Class Rings

If you are going to celebrate going into your senior year of high school, ordering your class ring is one of the best ways to do it. Your graduating class is the year that you look forward to from the time you enter kindergarten. 

With the clock ticking on your grade school career, you have the opportunity to really celebrate it with a ring. Buying a ring is a time-honored tradition that you can take part in when you find a company that sells some stellar rings. 

There are several masculine ring styles you can purchase that will fit your personality. Put these tips to use so that you can purchase men's high school class rings that suit you. 

Show Off Your Accomplishments With the Perfect Class Ring

If you are interested in buying the perfect high school ring, make sure that you showcase your accomplishments, first and foremost. This is a style choice that you will want to take advantage of, and thankfully, there are countless options that you can take advantage of. 

Buying a ring is the perfect opportunity to show off all of the things that you accomplished in high school. Perhaps you spent 4 years leading your baseball team to championships. Maybe you played on the football team, wrestled, served on the debate team, or were part of the drama program. 

No matter how you spent your time in high school, the ring is the time where you get to etch it in stone forever. Class rings come with symbols and pendants that you can include on the side of the ring to express yourself and to showcase these things. 

For instance, you can include a baseball, jersey, bat and glove, helmet, home plate, or diamond if you'd like to celebrate your high school baseball career. You can also include your jersey number as the centerpiece to these symbols. 

People that played on the football team might what to include a football or helmet symbol with the jersey number. Figure out what works best for you, and talk to your jeweler about it. 

Start Planning Early and Make Sure Your Ring Fits

Get fitted to find out your ring size as early as possible. Your class ring will take some time to fabricate, and the last thing you'd want is to have a ring that doesn't quite fit you. 

Your ring professional will help you to choose the right measurements so that your ring fits like a glove when you get it back. The ring company might advise you to get a ring that is slightly bigger than your size so that you can grow into it. It should fit snug, but not too tight. 

Determine What Colors You Want to Feature

It's important to choose the color that you want to feature on your ring since it will likely be the first thing that people notice. 

Find out your birthstone and decide whether or not this is the color you want to showcase as your ring's centerpiece. Many people decide to include their birthstone, or they may just want to use their team colors or their favorite color. 

February babies will choose an amethyst, which is a light purple color. People born in November have topaz as their birthstone, which features a gold hue. Take the time to time to consult your birthstone chart so that you can get to know which one you should include with your ring. 

Understand a Few Reasons That Class Rings Are So Special

If you're on the fence when it comes to whether or not you want to buy a class ring, there are several reasons that you should strongly consider it. 

For one, this is the only time in your life that you will be a high schooler, and you owe it to yourself to savor it and celebrate. This is a time that you will look back on fondly. People meet up with old classmates decades later to share war stories with teammates, or to laugh about old stories and memories. 

You can get to wear these memories on your finger whenever you choose by purchasing a high school ring. They look great, so you will be proud to showcase your class ring on your finger. 

What's more, this ring exemplifies school spirit, so you can really participate and dive into your high school years head-first by placing an order. 

Determine What Metal You'd Like to Choose

It's important that you figure out what metal you want to include for your ring. These rings are made with different metals and metal plating. 

This includes gold, rose gold, and sterling silver. Figure out what kind of budget you would like for your ring, and find out about any payment plans you can sign up for to help make it more affordable to you. 

 Include your own special features and customize the ring to the fullest extent so that it is something that you will really appreciate for years to come. 

Shop for the Best Men's High School Class Rings

The points above are helpful if you are in the market for some stellar men's high school class rings. There are plenty of men's styles that you can choose between, so take the time to create a men's high school ring that you'll love to wear. 

If you are looking into purchasing class rings, use these tips, and don't hesitate to get in touch with us.